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IMPORTANT: With the integration into Twinoid, sponsorship has become unavailable. No new sponsors can be created, but any sponsorships made prior to the integration are still in effect. Site Administrators have stated that they hope to return this feature in the future, but given that it has been many years this is unlikely.

Sponsorship Is...[edit]

Sponsorship is one of the methods employed by Die2Nite for advertising.

What you get[edit]

  • You will get 20% of the total number of Hero days bought by players you recommend !
  • you will receive a special rare distinction when a player you sponsor buys Hero days,
  • you can keep in touch with your friends easily by inviting them to join your coalition from this very page,
  • [Random unrelated bonus claim, accompanied by a "Results can vary." disclaimer. Changes every refresh.]
    • you will become an influential and respected leader.
    • you will feel more at ease than an average citizen destined to die horribly.
    • when people see you in the street, they will be captivated by your presence.
    • your scalp will become healthier and better nourished.
    • your hair will become softer and more silky.
    • you will have bright eyes and a shiny coat.
    • your nose hair will grow so long you can stand on it and strum it like a harp.
    • you will become the cake.
    • you will feel all squishy inside

Additional Note[edit]

If you did not pick a Sponsor when you set up an account, you are not allowed to add one afterward. It must be done during the account creation, or the chance is lost, and you'll have to delete, and re-make your account to add a sponsor.

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