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A Hero is the Pay to Play part of Die2nite. Hero mode has a limited lifespan and provides a number of benefits to the player some of which increase over time.

/!\ Hero mode is now unlocked by default in unlimited for every player since the game's support was transferred to EternalTwin, so disregard the outdated information here


Hero mode has a limited lifespan which is extended by one or more days with every new subscription. Hero days only count down when you are playing the game. They do not count down when you are dead (or on holiday). Skills earned in Hero mode are disabled as soon as your supply of Hero days runs out, however if you buy or gain more Hero days in the future your earned advantages will be restored immediately. Your number of days amassed unlocks new skills.

Gaining more days[edit]

There are different ways of becoming a hero, the most common is to buy a subscription. The last player to die in a town that survived at least 5 days will gain hero days. The number depends on how long the town survived past day 5. This is called the Last Man Standing or LMS. There are also some contests that will award hero days to the winner(s), such as the D2N Captions. A Hero with the Brothers in Arms skill may gift a single hero day to someone (once per town). If someone signed up using your referral link and then purchases hero days you will receive a % of the days they purchased. Also a Ghoul gets 1 hero day for each live citizen he ate.

Hero abilities[edit]

In-game bonus:

  • Professions - You can choose your specialty and take advantage of the special skills that go with it!
  • Heroic Actions - These special actions let you deal with any situation: to find useful objects, teleport you back to town, kill zombies with your bare hands, or even teleport a trapped or lost player back to town!
  • Loyalty bonuses - On average, every 15 days you spend as a Hero, you will unlock a new hidden advantage or skills!
  • Home Improvements - You can build home projects in your house.
  • Rucksack - You can carry 1 additional object!
  • Chest Upgrade - You can store 1 additional object at home!
  • Armour Plating - Your house will receive 2 additional defense points!


  • Choice of Game - You can choose your own town when you start a new life (and you can see all the citizens who are already there!).
  • World Forum - Unlimited access to the World Forums! (Everyone can read the World Forums. But residents can only start threads and replies in Residents Forum. Heroes can do in all sections)


The longer you are a Hero, the more new skills are granted.

Total Days Hero Days+ Skill Description
3 +3 Manipulator Twice per game, you can delete an entry in the town register (click on the icon alongside the line you wish to delete...).
7 +4 Clairvoyance You know how active and present a player is in the game, simply by going to their house.
16 +9 Mr Writer Now you can send Private Messages to all the citizens in your town at once (from the Messages section in your House). You can also start "RP" threads in the forums (please do not abuse this !).
25 +9 Brothers in Arms Once per game, you can give 1 Hero day to a fellow citizen ! Just wait, you'll become a veritable messiah for the masses... NB: any hero days you give away will be taken from your total, simply go to another citizen's page to give them a Hero day. Warning: When you donate a Hero day, it is only valid for THAT DAY. It cannot be saved for another time.
31 +6 Dictator "You can change at will the blackboard placed on the front page of the city."

It allows you to change the blackboard on the town overview page. You can also vote on a preferred construction project, the project with the most votes will be displayed at the top of the construction sites page.

45 +14 Large Chested "You have earned an additional storage space in your personal chest, in your house."
61 +16 Healthy Body As long as you stay Clean (i.e. you haven't taken any drugs), you have 1 additional control point when you're in the World Beyond.
75 +14 Omniscience Omniscience works like Clairvoyance, except you will be able to see the details of EVERY citizen from the town directory. Click on the Omniscience tab when looking at the list of citizens.
91 +16 Resourcefulness You will start out in every town with a random useful object in a Shrewd citizen's stash. The random item can be a Battery Launcher 1-ITF (empty), Water Pistol (empty), Flash Grenade, « Pine Fresh » Smoke Bomb, or a Kwik-Fix.
105 +14 False Bottom You get one additional chest slot at home (combining with Large Chested for a total of 2 extra slots).
121 +16 Lucky Find The Seeker heroic action is upgraded by improving the items available. You can get a Tasty-looking Steak and Construction Kit x2 is increased to x3. Kwik-Fix, Full Jerrycan, Valium Shot, Broken Electronic Device and Mechanism is added. Note that Doggy Bag, Twisted Plank, Wrought Iron are removed.
135 +14 A place for everything You have an additional storage compartment in your rucksack.
151 +16 Second wind Now you have an extremely useful power which allows you to restore your energy to 6 and recover from being Exhausted.
165 +14 Second Breakfast You will start all towns with an additional Doggy Bag of food.
181 +16 Pre-war Camera Gives you a small amount of time to safely escape a zombie controlled zone.
195 +14 Brick S**thouse Your wealth of experience in the World Beyond has given you a permanent addition of 1 control point. (Note: This is completely separate from the 1 CP gained from "Healthy Body")
211 +16 Treachery The number of possible manipulator actions is increased from 2 to 4.
226 +15 Cheat death When this is activated, this new power means you will no longer be affected by Thirst, Infection or Addiction during the next attack (only lasts for one night).
241 +15 Sweet Revenge If you are shunned on day 3 or later, you will automatically receive 2 vials of poison with which to exact your revenge... Yeah, they'd better not **** with you now!

Give you two Vials of Poison if you are Shunned on Day 3 or later. The Vials of Poison will appear in your rucksack. It does not matter whether your rucksack is full or not. They will still appear and are put in two additional (temporary) slots. The slot is not usable and will be removed once you take an item out of the rucksack.

301 +60 Pro Camper Penalties incurred by repeated camping in the World Beyond are reduced for you: therefore you can camp more often during your time in a town.
361 +60 Preventative Medicine You start out in every town with a sachet of First Aid Kit in your rucksack.

Inside the First Aid Kit can be a Hydratone 100mg, a Bag of Damp Grass, Water Purifying Tablets, a Paracetoid 7g, a Valium Shot, Pharmaceutical Products or a Thick Solution.

541 +180 Mayor You can create private towns by simply clicking "Play", when you are dead.
721 +180 Architect You begin every town with a Construction Blueprint (common).
1000 +279 Pro-Watchman Decreases penalty on successive watches.

Heroic Actions[edit]

A Hero can perform up to 6 Heroic Actions during his life in a town. Each Heroic Action can be performed once only, and a Hero can perform just one Heroic Action per day.

Action Blurb Description
Heroic Return You will immediately be returned to the town if you are less than 11km away! The 11 km is the distance that is shown below the in-game map. It can be more than 11 AP from town, if you have not moved in a straight line. Heroic return can be done anywhere on the map 11 km from town or closer. The wording is incorrect in the Heroic Actions menu which says less than 11 km. At exactly 11 km is okay.

You can still return even if the town gate is closed or you get trapped.

Now when used, the message is just the same as those who return normally.

Previously when used, the following message will appear in the gazette (but not in the gates register): Nobody knows how, but the Hero managed to get out of this zone and go back to the town... it's a miracle!

Seeker Miraculously discover a useful object You can choose which item you want to find: Battery, Water Ration, Doggy Bag, Water Bomb, Twisted Plank, Wrought Iron, Construction Kit.
Seeker (upgraded) Miraculously discover a useful object Require Lucky Find to unlock it.

You can choose which item you want to find: Battery, Water Ration, Tasty-looking Steak, Water Bomb, Construction Kit, Full Jerrycan, Kwik-Fix, Valium Shot, Broken Electronic Device and Mechanism.

Vicious Uppercut Kill 2 zombies with your bare hands! Kill 2 zombies without weapons.
Rescue Escort another player back to the town (from a maximum of 2 km). Only available when you are in the town yourself. Handy for saving people that are auto-searching nearby and don't come online to get back to town. Note this is max 2 km distance that is shown below the in-game map. It can be more than 2 distance. Nobody knows how such a miracle is possible, but Hero has returned with Citizen (who was at [?,?]) on their shoulders ! Long live our Heroes !
Second lease of life Restore your APs and recover from exhaustion. Require Second wind to unlock it.

Restores your APs to max. (6 or 5-with a wound)

Cheat death As of the next attack, you will no longer be affected by thirst, infection or addiction. Require Cheat death to unlock it.

During the attack of the day when this power is activated, you cannot die of infection, thirst or addiction. It does not cure infection, prevent you from getting an infection from a wound, and does not prevent you from dying by walking around in the desert while dehydrated. However, it does prevent the thirst level statuses from degrading at night (i.e. thirsty -> dehydrated).


Heroes can choose one of six professions to play as.

Note: Heroes can NOT choose to stay as a resident and save up days. If a hero chooses to be a resident, the following message is given: "When you are a Hero, you cannot be a simple resident! Have some pride!"

Note 2: If you have been a hero once in a town, then stop, and then become a hero again in the same town, you must be the same profession the second time as the first time. Example: You start off a town as a hero and choose scavenger as a profession. On Day 7, you run out of hero time and do not resubscribe. On Day 10, you receive a gifted hero day from another hero using Brothers in Arms (or resubscribe and sign up for more hero time). You will only be able to be a scavenger with the gifted hero day - choosing any other profession will give you an error message.

You have already been a Hero in this incarnation ( Technician): you must continue where you left off not so very long ago.


South is depleted. North is not depleted. Areas to the west and east have not yet been visited, but it also means those areas are not depleted.

The Scavenger is able to find many more objects when searching in the desert.

The Scavenger specializes in finding stuff out in the desert and should spend most of their time outside of town. Their basic equipment is a Small Spade.

The scavenger abilities are:

  • Autosearching takes 1.5 hours instead of 2 hours, so they can search more in a day.
  • Their chance of finding 'nothing' is greatly reduced.
  • They can see which neighbouring areas are depleted or not.
  • They have 50% more oxygen in explorable ruins.


There are 1-3 zombies North of town (there is no number if the zone has is empty), 3-7 zombies to the West, 6-10 zombies in the East, and a horde of 13-17 zombies to the South.

The Scout can sneak past groups of zombies undetected, allowing them to explore the farthest reaches of the desert, in almost total safety. Warning : carrying out any actions when hiding causes you to break cover and reveal yourself ! .

The Scout is a master of reconnaissance; his basic equipment is the Camouflage Vest. As such, their scouting abilities can be very valuable during the first days of the town. The scout's detection abilities are less valuable with a Watchtower with upgrades and an Upgraded Map, because the map and zombie count will then be revealed by these constructions. Their ability to join an expedition in progress or deliver items "behind enemy lines" can still save many a life, however.

The scout abilities are:

  • They can estimate the zombie count in neighbouring areas (which will be within 2 of the estimate; more than one Scout can quickly nail down the exact number by comparing their estimates.)
  • They can identify a Buried building whilst in the same zone. (confirm if crows nest reveals unseen buildings or lets scouts identify building type remotely)
  • They can move through uncontrolled areas without getting trapped while wearing their camouflage suit, though there is a chance of being detected

Note: Only visible when playing in Expert Interface.

  • The Scout can only perform some actions (drinking, eating, taking drugs) while remaining undetected by the zombies. These will have a checkmark. , but the scout can not collect items from the ground while undetected.


In the World Beyond, the Guardian can keep more zombies at bay than an average citizen. The guardian retains this advantage even when travelling as part of a group !

The Guardian is the tougher version of the regular citizen, equipped with a Riot Shield to keep more zombies at bay.

The Guardian abilities are:

  • They have 4 control points instead of 2, allowing them to go safely (alone) into a zone with 4 zombies.
  • They add 5 defence points to the town (when he is in town at the time of the attack).
  • They get one extra defence point for their own home.
  • They have 30 more defence points than the average citizen when they sign up for watchmen and 4% more Safety.


The Tamer is able to send some of the contents of their rucksack back to the town from anywhere in the World Beyond.

The Tamer is armed with a Three-legged Labradoodle to help with carrying objects.

The Tamer abilities are:

  • Once per day they can send the labradoodle to the city to carry objects back to town.
  • They can give the labradoodle Anabolic Steroids to carry heavy objects back to town turning the Labradoodle to the Drugged Labradoodle.
  • The Tamer's faithful labradoodle companion will show their master the way out of the ruins: a blue arrow allows every tamer to never lose their bearings.
  • On watch, their labradoodle gives them an extra 20 defense on watch(no bonus Safety).


Always ready to get involved with any construction project, the technician, abandoned alone on a desert island with nothing but a toothpick, could construct an enormous entirely autonomous wheel. So just imagine what technical marvels they could construct with a shiny new DIY kit!

The Technician is armed with a Handyman's Toolbelt

The Technician has 6 Construction Points (represented as ) that they can use in construction sites and in the workshop.

  • These points are refreshed everyday right after the attack.
  • To use these points the Technician must have at least one left.

The Technician is also able to take key imprints from locked doors, while exploring abandoned buildings.

  • These blanks can be converted into keys in the Workshop with regular cost, depending on if you have a Factory and/or a Hacksaw.
  • The blank type is based on the type of the locked door.

Known (Blank) Keys:


A Survivalist will always find something edible (food or water), regardless of where they are in the desert and when they want to find it.

The Survivalist is armed with a Survival Guide

The Survivalist abilities are:

  • Once per day able to find one item of food OR water anywhere in the desert. Note that the food or water is eaten or drunk immediately; neither a food ration nor a water ration will appear in your rucksack. Also note that this cannot be used in town, you must be at least 4 km away from the town to use the survivalist's skill. Doing this action will give the Refreshed or Fed status, depending on whether you drank or ate.
    • As of Season 6, the Survival Guide now has a chance of failure, resulting in the book being used up, but providing no food/water .
  • Can go past the 90% camp cap and have 100% for themselves.


Prior to Season 10, the Shaman used to be a hero class. It was removed in Season 10, but returned in Season 11 - this time the Shaman is not a class, but randomly picked from the citizens, similar to the Catapult Operator. As of Season 12, the Shaman is now elected by the citizens.


  • If you use the Mr. Writer skill while the town is dead but you, the following message will display: "You are alone. Nobody is going to answer you, give it up. Anyways, what does it matter ? You are almost certainly going to die tonight..."

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