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17th November 2023, Update 2.0.0 - Resurgence, revamped Construction Sites, more Building upgrades, lots of changes, job buildings (e.g. Technicians Workbench) and a new Wonder; reworked Watchmen system, changed values for Guard Weapons; Explorable Ruins with second floor and changed building sets from Explorable Ruins Blueprints; limited spots for Campers on Ruins, less water; but we won't complain, after all, we are all Heroes...

1st April 2015, Update 4.5 - Save our Souls, return of shamans, and other soul balancing.
7th March 2013, Update 4.1 - Insidious Bugs, fixed glitches and tweaked stats related to the newly introduced Watchmen and Ghoul, and adjusted the stats of certain buildings at Construction Sites.
5th November 2012, Season 6 (4.0) - Death Watch, introduced the Watchmen and Ghoul, and tweaked the stats of many buildings at Construction Sites.
12th April, Season 5 - Shamanic Monday, introduced the Shaman and Lost Soul.
20th February, MyHordes officially merged with Twinoid.
1st December, Hardcore towns were introduced.
15th November, Season 4 - Going Underground, introduced the Survivalist and the Technician, as well as exploring Buildings.
17th August, Pre-war Camera fixed, now all players with 6 months of hero time receive the camera.
21st July, Season 3 - A Chemical Necromancy, the update primarily consists of an overhaul to the Construction Sites taking the building total up to 140 and requiring Blueprints to be found before most buildings can be built.

Latest MyHordes news

Insidious Bugs

Less tolerance, more violence. You know what that means... it's tie[sic] for a new season on MyHordes!

Will you be able to cheat, lie and manipulate your way to the top of the World Beyond rankings?

Time will tell... CROOOOAAAA...!

Upcoming Events

The MyHordes community is always active, trying to get the most out of the game. These are some important events soon to be taking place within the game.
  • None at the moment - There doesn't seem to be any upcoming events!
Date: To Be Determined (If we missed something, tell us here!)

Wiki mysteries

There are many mysteries we still haven't solved here on the wiki, some bigger than others. Perhaps you can help answer them.
  • What is the unknown ruin? Has anyone ever found this strange building in their travels?
  • The Incomplete Deck of Cards is actually a full 52 card deck, but what are the draw odds?
  • How exactly do you get the Immunised status? Was it removed from the game because it relates to as yet unreleased features?
  • See the spading and todo pages for other questions you can help us answer.

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