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The Coalitions system is the basic way in Die2Night for group play. It allows for up to 5 players to easily find each other, organize and play as a group, although the option of individual play remains. Coalitions have one leader and up to four members, and can be dissolved or abandoned at any time. Obviously, players can only belong to a single coalition at any time. Players do not need to join a coalition but it offers several features.

Creating a coalition[edit]

Any player can create a coalition on their Soul page. Once created, invitations can be sent to friends and other players, who have the choice whether to accept or reject the request.

Players in a coalition can chat in the coalition's shoutbox, which is found under the coalition tab on their soul page. This is a feature that can be accessed only by players of the same coalition and can be accessed at any time, even if players are incarnated in different towns or have not incarnated at all.

It is also possible to leave a coalition at any point. The creator of the coalition can also dissolve the coalition entirely, simply by removing themselves from the coalition. The coalition leader can also remove other members individually by clicking the small fire icon next to their name.

In order to stop multiple account abuse players cannot join a coalition with more than one character. Also, people accessing from the same computer should avoid joining the same coalition to avoid any penalties.

Coalitions are permanent and can only disappear if the leader decides to dissolve it. Coalitions will remain if members are inactive, dead or in separate towns at any moment.

Advantages of coalitions[edit]

Coalitions enable groups of players to coordinate upgrade and construction projects, expeditions, plan punishment for other citizens and privately talk about other players. Coalitions are normally formed when groups with similar backgrounds or friends join the game. Other factions expand as they recruit survivors who are competent or share similar playing styles.

Another advantage to coalitions is the ability of players with more than 100 Soul Points can "drag" fellow coalition players that normally wouldn't be able to enter into distant towns.

Coalition Anonymity[edit]

Coalitions are entirely private. Unless you disclose their membership to others, there is no way other players can confirm you are in a coalition. That can be used for the Coalition's advantage, since coalition members can privately make plans away from the interference of other citizens.

Coalition Options[edit]

Apart from deciding whether if a player wishes to leave a coalition, the other option is the availability.

Availability status marks if whether a player is ready to go into a new town with other coalition members. It can be set to ready or unavailable.


In this status, if another member of the coalition joins a new town, all players in "ready" status will automatically follow them and start in the same town.

Players with less than 100 soul points can still join the distant town or hardcore town with another, as long as the one who starts the game meets the soul point requirement and drag the players there in the coalition.


By marking yourself as unavailable, you may join a town without your coalition members.

In this status, you will not join the town with them automatically when another member of the coalition joins a new town.

Then there is a link you click to "join" the person in the town. If you change your mind, you can join your members manually as long as the town is not full yet.

Players will automatically be marked as "Unavailable" if:

  • They are incarnated in another town.
  • They have not validated their death in a previous town.
  • They have been inactive for more than four days.


Meta means a group of 8 coalitions (40 coalition members) organize themselves to join together in the same town. It is not a in-game feature. People just get together outside of the game, using external chats to organize this play. It doesn't need to be 40 players. You are always free to organize a smaller meta to play.

A meta jump simply means the process of one coalition of the meta joining together in the same town.

A mega meta jump simply means the whole process of all coalitions joining together in the same town.

Only a hero can select which town to join. The easiest way to do is to have at least 1 hero in each coalition. Then 8 heroes arrange to be online at the same time and join together, pulling other coalition members to the same town.

Only the hero who does the jump needs to meet 100 soul point requirement of the distant town or hardcore town. Other players within the coalition do not need to meet the requirement.

If you have less than 8 heroes, you can still do meta jumps but in a more tricky way. Let's say you have 7 heroes only. There is 1 coalition which cannot do the meta jump. After the 7 meta jump, one of the coalition members (be it a hero or resident) simply leave his existing coalition, create the new one and invite 4 players to join his coalition. There will be a "join" button in the coalition page where they can click on it to follow the coalition leader. Repeat the process and get the last one in. The disadvantage of this is you have to do it quickly and the 5 players has to be online to click the "join" button. Otherwise some new player may join that town and your plan fails.

"Meta Cap" does not exist now. It was a restriction implemented in Season 3, but removed in Season 4. The cap prevented more than 20 coalition members from joining the same town.

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