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Your soul is the only thing that will survive zombies. If you are eaten alive, you will re-live in another town, to try again...

The Soul Page is how you access most information about the game as well as your account. It is divided among 7 different pages which you can switch to using the tabs on top of the current screen. All pages will have your Strength of Spirit displayed to the right. This can be either Weak or Heroic and simply indicates whether you are a hero or not.

Main Page[edit]

The main Soul page is what other players see when they search for you or click on your profile through another means. It is also the page you go to when clicking on "Your Soul" from the main screen.

1. Hero Skill Progression Information[edit]

If you are a Hero, your information about the days spent as a hero will be shown here. It will indicate how many days you must spend as a hero to unlock the next skill, and it also shows latest unlocked Hero skill.

2. Unlocked Titles[edit]

If you earn a certain Distinction enough times, you will unlock a title for it. IF you click on a title, you will to activate it, allowing it to be shown beneath your name everywhere you go. Looking at your soul page also shows every one of your titles.

3. Earned Distinctions[edit]

If you earn any distinctions, it will be displayed in this area. See Distinctions for more information.

4. Soul Score[edit]

This is a score calculated based on the days survived in each Town. After gaining 100 Soul Points, you are allowed to join Distant towns with other players who have also earned more than 100 Soul Points.

Completing each day X will yield X Soul Points (finishing day 1 gives 1 Soul Points, finishing day 2 gives another 2 Soul Points...etc). The total accumulates as one plays in each town. The total will be awarded after each death.

The total amount gained in one town are based on the following formula:

Soul Point = [days survived]*([days survived]+1)/2

Another way to calculate this is the summation of the series 1 to X, where X is the number of days survived.

Below is a table with the Soul Points earned up to day 20.

Days Survived Soul Points
1 1
2 3
3 6
4 10
5 15
6 21
7 28
8 36
9 45
10 55
11 66
12 78
13 91
14 105
15 120
16 136
17 153
18 171
19 190
20 210

5. Current Town[edit]

Shows the Town you are suffering in. If you are not in a town, this box will be "missing".

6. Previous Town Information[edit]

Shows a record the the previous towns you have been in. Can be toggled to show more than 10 towns, or display a season other than the current one. If you have been inactive and have yet to play in the current season, "No town found..." will be displayed in red instead.

7. Spirit Strength[edit]

Shows if you are a Hero or not. A hero will have a red flame like the one displayed in the screenshot above, and entitled "Heroic Spirit". A citizen will have a blue flame instead, entitled "Weak Spirit".

8. Player Search[edit]

If you wish to search for another fellow player, you can click on the button "Search for a soul" and enter the name of a player. If there is a match, you will be directed to the player's soul page, similar to yours. If the search is unsuccessful, a popup will appear with the text "We don't know who you mean, please try again."


The latest news items.

See current announcements: [1].

Site Updates[edit]

Where you can find information about all major updates


Allows you to access the stories and other writing you acquire during your stay in the wasteland. See Texts.


Access your coalition page which allows you to view fellow members, chat with them, change your current availability status, as well as manage a coalition.

Coalitions are limited to 5 players. This means that you will always play with at least 35 people outside your group. Since heroes can choose towns, coalitions made of heroes can team up to join a group together.


This page provides access to all your account information and more.

From the Settings page you can create a Personal Message, set your forum Avatar, reduce map animations, use external sites and obtain your unique external site identification key, change your password, change your e-mail address, and even delete your account.

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