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An example of a large map.
An example of a small 14x14 map.

Maps are square. Your initial town can be placed somehow "off-centre", i.e. not in the center of the map.


Different types of towns have different maps.

For local towns, the map is small - 12x12 to 14x14, and always has 7 Ruins with no Explorable Ruin.

For distant towns, the map is much larger - 23x23 to 27x27 - and has 20 Ruins and 1 Explorable Ruin (2 in Hardcore).

Local towns are meant for new players with less than 100 Soul Points. Old players can also join these towns.

Hardcore towns can be played if you have more than 400 Soul Points

Private Towns have special rules and can be of several sizes according to the options that generated it. Sometimes community events generate huge towns 30x30 or even Small Maps with Hardcore settings.

Zombie numbers[edit]

Each zone of the square has a color. Different color indicate a specific estimated amount of zombies.

  • Dark green: No zombies
  • Light green: 1-3 zombies (when hovered over, display the text "Isolated zombies")
  • Brown: 2-5 zombies (when hovered over, display the text "pack of zombies")
  • Deep red: 4+ zombies (when hovered over, display the text "horde of zombies")

Zombies respawn every day. Don't expect the zones always stay the same.

Ruins will start with 4+ zombies, the further the ruin is, the more zombies it will start with. Some zombies will also start directly adjacent of these ruins and, very rarely, you'll see an island of zombies like that as if a Ruin was in the middle.



Please visit the talk page to aid us in our research on bigger maps.

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