Pre-war Camera

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[v·e] Pre-war Camera
This authentic curio from the last century, or so it would appear, would have scorched many a retina in its day. Its poorly-calibrated flash could surely get out of any desperate situations by blinding the zombies!
Category Skills
Sub Category Active skills
Hero days to unlock 181

The Pre-war Camera has the effect of a Flash Grenade, except that you have less time to act before you lose control of the zone. Players with 181+ hero days start each town with this item. It has 3 uses per town. With each use there is less chance of its effect being successful.


  • Gives you a small amount of time to safely escape a zombie controlled zone (compared to a Flash Grenade)
    • The first use is 99% successful and gives you 2 minutes to act before zone control is lost.
    • The second use is 66% successful and gives you 1 minute to act before zone control is lost.
    • The third use is 33% successful and gives you 30 seconds to act before zone control is lost.


  • In Die2Nite you would need to purchase 6-months of hero days (in a block) to get this item and in MyHordes it is free.