Season 11

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Original work about shaman done by Dream, original thread

Season 11 Mysterious season started 1 April 2015. Next changes have been made:


  • Number of distant region towns are reduced from 3 to 1
  • Number of local or small map towns are increased from 1 to 3.
  • Hardcore towns - cost for attacking another citizen deacreased from 5 to 3 .
    • Explorable Ruins are closer to town and level of difficulty has been increased.
  • Only 35 top players are used for calculating rankings.

Construction site[edit]


  • Watchmen points provided changed for some weapons, mostly decreased.

an example RP text for randomly chosen shaman
another example RP text for randomly chosen shaman

Shamans in Season 11[edit]

In previous seasons, Shaman was a class that only paid accounts could choose. Now the new modified abilities is conferred upon a random member of the town, resident or hero. The shaman has hero like abilities in regards to collecting and seeing souls on the map, healing afflictions and making it rain.

How does the Shaman get selected?[edit]

Each town can only have one shaman at a time that gets randomly selected on day two. If the current shaman dies, a new shaman will be randomly selected after the attack on the next day.

It appears to be a random selection for now, We have attempted to find any kind of link to who may get selected according to activity, first player to log on the previous day or election day, activity level or account status of hero/resident. None of these factors seems to have any effect on the selection process.


When a citizen or hero dies, a soul gets generated BUT the location and the type of death decides the type of soul. There appears to be no class of "powerful" souls this season.

A death inside the town as a watchman, dehydration, withdrawal or eaten by zeds generates a "blue" or Lost Soul that is "broken" in the desert next day. If someone dies outside or fails at camping, a dangerous and attack increasing "Red" or Tortured Soul, will be generated in the desert next day. A repaired blue lost soul (broken) can become a Lost Soul that can be purified to longer attract additional zombies in the attack.

Lost Soul[edit]

It is completely safe for anyone to collect Lost Souls without any need for an immunity from potions (see below). After the soul has been brought to town and the Hannaman has been constructed, the soul can be purified.

Lost souls left outside randomly turn into Tortured Souls.

Tortured Soul[edit]

Tortured Souls will kill if you attempt to pick them up outside.

There are two ways to avoid this, either letting the towns shaman collect them as they are immune to their effect or by drinking a Mystic or Shamanic Potion.

Once the red tortured Soul is in the bank, anyone in town can touch the Red Tortured Soul from the bank WITHOUT the need for drinking a Mystic Potion.

Note: Early in Season 11 this was tested with escort. An escorted player who could not safely pick up a tortured soul was killed when instructed to.

Broken Souls[edit]

At the begining of the season there were Broken Souls. They have since disappeared. Broken souls could be repaired just like broken weapons. They affected the attack like Tortured Souls, but could be picked up like Lost Souls.


Potions are brewed by the town shaman in his home by combining a Soul Action point and a water ration. The drinker of the potion will become immune for the entire length of that town and allow him/her to pick any tortured Soul in that town's lifespan safely. Please note that, Red Tortured Souls are only dangerous to pick up outside!

What does a Shaman do?[edit]

A Shaman in season 11 can see souls on the map, can use 5 (Mystic points) and can transport multiple souls including normally deadly tortured souls.

Soul visibility: The shaman can see the souls anywhere on the map, regardless of whether the zones have been explored. Souls will appear to be "hovering" in a square of 4 zones, however the Soul will always be in the lower right zone of those four zones. Shaman can see all souls regardless of their current status of being carried, moved or dropped. The map does not show what current form the soul is in. (i.e lost or tortured )

Mystic points[edit]

Once the shaman gets selected on day 2 he/she will have daily 5 Mystic Points or . These can be used to make it rain, brew a shamanic potion or conduct healing.

Making it Rain: Costs 3 and can either kill zeds in zones external of the town or at the towns gates the rain has a chance to add 5 water to the well.

Brew a Shamanic Potion: Uses a single and a water ration. Can be used five times daily. A shamanic potion is drunk as a replacement for daily water. It had the additional benefit apart from relieving thirst and six action points (AP), it enables a non-shaman to pick up tortured souls and avoid immediate death. A single potion grants immunity for the entire length of that town.

Healing: A shaman can attempt to cure some status effects for 2 , but not wounded, dehydrated or hooked! it can fail or succeed and sometimes the illness can get transferred to the shaman.

Tortured Souls and the Attack[edit]

Leaving one or several Red Tortured Souls outside as long as (each one is in a different zone) will increase the size of the attack. This factor is confirmed to be increasing the size of the attack by 15%. This factor stacks.

So, X = 15% for each red tortured Soul left outside over night.

It will start with an increased change of all attack estimations from 30% to 100% and increase both with the X factor of the size of the actual attack which we usually have as if no souls were outside:

An example: if you have an attack size of 100 zombies (best estimation here, not maximum estimation) and you leave one red tortured Soul outside on the ground over night then your attack size will automatically become 115 which is 100 (estimated) + 15% = 115

If you leave 2 red tortured souls outside, the attack will increase from 100 to 130

If 10 red souls left outside the attack will increase to 150%. to go from 100 to 250.

Powerful Souls?[edit]

There is no such thing as Powerful Souls anymore.

All 3 types of souls CAN NOT be converted to any other known forms from previous seasons (introduced in Season 5). In workshop here all 3 souls are in bank and no one not even the shaman has the option to convert them to powerful Souls


  • Bunch of new distinctions were added to the game:
    • Extreme Projects:
      • 250× = I can recite pi to infinity!
      • 300× = Three rivers dam... That's adorable.
      • 350× = And on the 7th day, he did not rest!
    • Daredevil Camper:
      • 200× = I'm allergic to something in town.
      • 250× = So I guess we're not waiting for Bob?
      • 300× = Bear Grylls
      • 350× = Without a roof or a tooth.
    • Distant Discoveries:
      • 250× = I've been round the world... Twice!
      • 300× = Internet Explorer
      • 350× = I've even dug through a public toilet!
      • 400× = Are we there yet?
    • Constructions:
      • 4000× = Cement & Garfunkle
      • 5000× = The human ant
      • 6000× = The Great Wall of what?
      • 8000× = Pyramid shmyramid
      • 10000× = I'm working on the Sagrada
    • Last line of defence:
      • 5× = Eternally second
      • 10× = The guard may perish, but he never gives up!
      • 20× = The second last of the Mohicans
      • 30× = Allllllmooooooost, ah nope, damn it!
      • 40× = All the way to the end and a bit further
      • 60× = Close ranks and hold on!
    • Alcohol:
      • 30× = Just one finger!
      • 60× = Pilager of the liquor store.
      • 150× = Hennessy Highwayman
      • 300× = Barney Gumble of the world beyond
      • 400× = Absinthe from drinking next time eh?!