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Action Points (represented as ) represent your energy in Die2Nite. Most actions you take require at least 1 .

You have a normal maximum of 6. Being Wounded will reduce your maximum to 5, in addition to other hindrances. If you reach 0 , you'll be Exhausted and unable to complete most actions (including some that don't require , such as attacking with a weapon in the World Beyond).

Restoring AP[edit]

Each night (if you survive the Attack, of course), you will be restored to your maximum . There are also numerous methods to gain beyond this.


You can eat a single piece of Food each day. Doing so will give you the Fed status.

  • Eating basic food restores your to the maximum.
  • Eating premium food restores your to the maximum, plus one. This is 7 for a healthy individual, or 6 if they are Wounded.


Unless you are Dehydrated!, drinking from a water source restores your to the maximum and gives you the Refreshed status. Even when Refreshed, you can still drink again if you are Thirsty or Dehydrated!, which will improve your status ( Dehydrated! to Thirsty or Thirsty to normal) , but it will not yield any extra either.


Drinking alcohol restores your to the maximum and gives you the Drunk status, preventing you from drinking any more alcohol that day. This will be replaced by the Hungover status the following day, preventing you from drinking that day, too.


Some Drugs can restore . Using any drug will give you the Drugged status. This does not prevent you from using additional drugs, but doing so will give you the Hooked! status.

Other Sources[edit]

The following methods can be attempted once per day:

  • Rolling Dice has a chance of restoring 1 .
  • Playing with the Incomplete Deck of Cards has a chance of restoring 1 .
  • Heroes can build Siesta Time in their house. Having a nap using this will have a chance of restoring 2 .

These methods are limited by your available resources:

Uses for AP[edit]

Any action that uses AP will indicate its cost beforehand.

  • Upgrading your home. The initial cost (to build a Tent) is 2 .
  • Construction. Each player can contribute as much as desired to the construction of buildings.
  • Moving around in The World Beyond. It costs 1 to move from zone to zone.
  • Opening and closing the town gates. It costs 1 to open or close them.
  • Using a Repair Kit or Kwik-Fix. This costs 1 .
  • Attempting to open a Safe or Sealed Architect's Chest. Costs 1 per try.
  • Clearing debris from a buried building. It costs 1 to clear one piece of debris from the building.
  • Fighting zombies barehanded in the World Beyond. It costs 1 per attempt.
  • Dragging the corpse of a dead citizen out of town. This costs 2 .
  • Converting materials in the Workshop. This costs 3 normally, 2 with either the Factory or the Hacksaw, and 1 with both the Factory and Hacksaw.
  • Attacking other citizens, in 100+ SP towns. This costs 5 .
  • Using the Catapult uses 4 . Building the Upgraded Catapult reduces the cost to 2 .
  • Improving your home as a Hero. Costs vary depending on the improvement and its level.
  • Improving a campsite in the World Beyond costs 1 .
  • Searching the refuse (for Shunned Citizens, or anybody if the Town is in Chaos Mode). This costs 1 each time.
  • Entering a Explorable Ruins, this costs 1 .

Free Actions[edit]

None of these actions require to accomplish.

  • Collecting your daily Water Ration from the town's Well. If you are able to take an extra ration, this also will not require to do so.
  • Estimating the night's zombie attack at the Watchtower.
  • Eating/drinking (including alcohol)/taking drugs.
  • Combining items in your home (e.g. Can + Screwdriver= Open Can)
  • Tidying your house and cleaning your clothes.
  • Using weapons in the World Beyond.
  • Searching an area or building for items, and subsequently autosearching the zone every two hours.
  • Stealing from fellow citizens.
  • Picking up or dropping items.
  • Cooking food in a Kitchen.
  • Taking items from the Town Bank.

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