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Animals can be found in the World Beyond, and have several uses.

They can be used as weapons against zombies in the desert. Most animals have a 100% chance of killing one zombie, and disappear after use. However, the Fat Cat and the Guard Dog have low chances of remaining in your rucksack after each use, so they may sometimes make more than one kill. The cost effectiveness of using any animal as a weapon is extremely poor.

Successfully killing a zombie:

  • Your animal leapt at the zombie's throat, and managed to turn itself into a zombie-cork! Well done!

If the building Butcher has been built in town, animals can also be used to there to gain food for the town.

To butcher an animal, it must be in your rucksack or chest. Then, you may choose to "use" the animal of your choice. Upon confirmation, the animal will disappear, to be replaced with the appropriate amount of food.

  • Each type of animal yields a different type and amount of food.

The Guard Dog may also be used as a defensive item, if placed in the bank or in a citizen's house. If the Guard Dog is used at the Butcher or fails to return after being used as a weapon, the defense from that item is permanently lost.


Light Animals[edit]

These animals do not count as heavy objects.

Heavy Animals[edit]

These animals count as heavy objects.

  • Guard Dog
    • Produces 2x Tasty-looking Steak at the Butcher. If used as a weapon, it will kill 1 zombie, and it has a 80% chance of returning. If placed in the town bank, it is considered as a defensive object. If placed in a house, it provides 1 defense to that citizen and protects their chest against theft.