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World Beyond as seen in the game. (Shrinked 50%.)

So, you have finally decided to take a step out of Town and wander around a bit, looking for whatever scrap that can still be used to survive that one extra day from zombies. Better pray you don't run into any danger...

In-game Zone Descriptions[edit]

The title of the browser and the text at the top of screen varies with time and location. Below is an example.

  • The nights are freezing cold in the desert... A thick dust cloud engulfs everything and you can hear mournful groaning all around you. Occasionally you make out an indistinct figure moving in the shadows. let's hope that it's just your imagination...

Shifting Sands, Thirst and Dehydration[edit]

The World Beyond is pretty much desert, desert, and more desert. As it is, you'd expect to become Thirsty while exploring. Save your Water Ration for towards the end of the day after you've walked around the desert, because sleeping Thirsty without having Refreshed yourself at some point in that day means you'll wake up tomorrow Dehydrated!

Every 11 zones through which you travel downgrades your level of hydration, from normal to Thirsty and from Thirsty to Dehydrated! Travelling another 11 zones while Dehydrated! will result in death.

The "zones travelled" counter is reset to 0 overnight, and also when you drink a Water Ration. Because of this, people may restrict their exploration to a round-trip of 10 zones or less; this way, they do not increase their thirst through travel. Longer expeditions will plan their order of food, drug, and water consumption to account for this, as well.


The Map is your friend. While it doesn't display the people on each square if you are out of town, it does still show rough estimates of zombie numbers in zones explored by your fellow townspeople (by color), special locations (a solid small square within the square), as well as markers laid and expeditions planned by your townspeople. Also, it shows you how to get home.

Exploring and Scavenging[edit]

Walking to an adjacent zone in the World Beyond costs 1 . When you're out of , you will be unable to move; however, you can still Search and perform other -free actions—such as consuming food or water to replenish your ... or posting on the forums to ask another resident to bring you the food or water you forgot to pack!

At every sector, even Depleted Zones, you can search the area for materials (an -free action). Doing this will put you into autoscavenge mode, where you will be able to search for an item every two hours (or 1.5 hours if you're a Scavenger). Even in a non-depleted zone, some searches will yield nothing. You can only search a given sector once a day. Consequently, you can only be on autoscavenge mode while you are in the sector and haven't moved. Logging out will not interrupt autoscavenging; every two hours when you would normally get another search, a pending search will accrue, and all pending searches will be resolved when you next log in.

  • Losing control of the area to zombies also immediately disrupts autoscavenge - which means you can't search the zone again for the rest of the day.

If your search is unsuccessful:

After exhaustive searching, the only thing you have discovered is the emptiness of wasted time...
A line will also appear is the zone's log that [Resident] found nothing during their last search...

If your search is successful:

After extensive scavenging, you manage to find the link={{{link}}} something... on the ground...

If the zone is depleted after you find something (regardless of its state before):

This zone is depleted, all that remains to be found here are poor-quality resources...

If your rucksack is already full, or you've found a Heavy object while already carrying something Heavy:

You cannot carry this object for the time being, so you have left it lying on the ground.

If your page is not refreshed after anyone takes an item, and you click to take the same one:

In the time it took you to make your mind up, someone else has taken the object first!


If there are more zombies than human Control Points (CP) (each Resident generates two CP; each Guardian generates four) you cannot move. You cannot scavenge or autoscavenge the area.

When trapped, you have several options:

  • You can attack the zombies with your bare hands—this costs 1 and has a very small chance of successfully killing a zombie.
  • You can attack the zombies with a weapon (if you have one in your rucksack) - this costs no AP. The effect of it depends on the weapon itself. Some may cost ammunition. Some have risks of breakage or disappearance.
  • You can Flee from the zombies—you automatically become Wounded and can then move to an adjacent zone as normal.
    • You cannot flee from zombies if you are already Wounded.
  • You may decide to take the risk of camping (hiding yourself) in the zone for the night, hoping that you can hide yourself from the horde attacking the town and the zombies in the World Beyond.
    • If you are not camping when the zombie hordes attack the town at 23:00 game time, you will definitely die.


Certain locations will allow a second free action aside from searching the area: you will be allowed to search a special structure or building once every building per day. However, like how areas get depleted, buildings will get emptied out. Unlike depleted areas, which still give the chance of a low-quality material being found, emptied structures yield nothing, and the option to explore will still be available but pointless. Camping overnight in a special zone will reward you with a Blueprint if you are the first to camp there; a Construction Blueprint (uncommon) is received if the structure is within 9 km to Town, and Construction Blueprint (rare) if 10 km away or further.

Some structures will be hidden by undergrowth or debris and require clearing before they can be explored. This can be done using or Ness-Quick Weedkiller; the latter is naturally preferable. The amount of clearing required is indicated by the number of , and can vary from roughly 5 to 20.

Explorable Ruins[edit]

There are also large ruins that are so large you must spend 1 to enter, and then take the risk of encountering zombies or getting lost within the structure in the mini-game with a limited time. If you do not exit by the time you run out of oxygen, you will scamper out of the ruins with an Injury. The bad air in these ruins makes you only able to explore the ruin once per day.

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