Depleted Zones

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Even though the desert is large and endless, this doesn't mean one can magically dig into the ground and keep finding items. Eventually, a zone will be so full of holes there is absolutely no chance that something is still buried beneath the sand.


  • All zones have finite resources, and after repeated scavenging, a zone can become Depleted.
    • When the final resource or item has been found, the zone will become depleted. Unsuccessful searches will not deplete the zone.
    • A zone gets depleted after cca 4-7 items are found.
  • The zone will be indicated to be depleted above the autosearch timer; only while in the zone can one tell that the zone is depleted.


  • Once depleted, only two resources can still be found within the zone: the Rotting Log and Scrap Metal.
  • There is also have a higher chance of finding nothing in these zones compared to undepleted zones - statistically 40% of finding something instead of 60% in a replenished zone.


  • The only way depleted zones can become undepleted is by "astronomical anomalies".
  • Each night, mysterious winds have a chance of replenishing zones in one of eight compass directions (North East, West, etc).
    • When a zone becomes replenished, it will contain useful items once again, until somebody scavenges everything away, depleting it once again.
    • The exact direction is shown in the town's edition of The News Corpse if the town has built the Searchtower.

Search Tower[edit]

The Searchtower will reveal the direction of these astronomical anomalies, and with further upgrading, there are increased chances of replenishment for each zone within the wind direction. See Searchtower for details.

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