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Searching a zone[edit]

It is possible to start scavenging in any given zone outside the town. Scavenging allows you to discover objects which can either be used where you are or be taken back to the town. You can only search each zone once per day. The Scavenger has a higher search rate than any other Hero profession (see below).

The base chance for finding an item while scavenging is 60% in undepleted zones and 35% in depleted zones (see below).


As soon as you have searched a zone, you immediately activate Auto-Search mode. From that point, if you stay in that zone, you will automatically search the zone every 2 hours. You don't need to keep your browser on the page, you can simply come back later and see what you have found.

If you leave the zone, your automatic search will be interrupted and cannot be resumed in that zone for the remainder of the day. You can always start again in another zone.

Immediately before your next autosearch, one of the following flavour texts will appear to ensure your search has been processed and the page refreshed. After a daylight savings change you will see these messages for a full hour before normal searching resumes.

  • "Take 5 for a quick rubdown and a shiatsu : 00:00:09"
  • "Daydream for a while : 00:00:09"
  • "Consider the lily : 00:00:09
  • "Just stretching it out : 00:00:09"
  • "We're good to go in : 00:00:09"
  • "Take a minute to think about what you've done : 00:00:09"
  • "Pause to sigh deeply : 00:00:09"
  • "Take a minute to catch your breath : 00:00:09"
  • "Just heading to the latrine : 00:00:09"
  • "Taking a break : 00:00:09"

Depleted Zones[edit]

Zones eventually run out of supplies and become Depleted Zones. Each day zones in one of 8 directions (N, E, S, W, NE, SE, SW, NW) have a chance of replenishing. The Searchtower reveals this direction, and upgrading it will increase the chance that a zone will regenerate.

Scavenging Modifiers[edit]

There are several different modifiers that can positively or negatively impact your scavenging chance. All these modifiers change a multiplying factor that starts at 1, meaning that if you have, for example, a 20% bonus to scavenging, instead of having a 60% chance to find an item you will now have a 72% chance, not an 80% chance. The modifiers stack, so if you have a 25% and a 50% penalty, your 60% scavenging chance goes to 15% as if you had a 75% penalty.

Night Time[edit]

As of Season 15, excavations in the desert suffer a relatively large penalty of 25% during the Night Time (19:00 to 06:59 on the in-game clock). This applies to both regular search and autosearch, and is only applied if the autosearch finishes during night time. Some objects allow you to cancel the Night Time penalty, such as the Bedside Lamp (on), the Torch and the Novelty Torch (2 or 1 charges). The Night Time penalty can also be cancelled by constructing the Public lights.

Scavenger Hero Profession[edit]

The Scavenger has a 20% bonus to all scavenging. They can also perform autosearches more efficiently, taking only one and a half hours to find an item instead of two hours.

Status Effects[edit]

There are three status effects currently in the game that affect scavenging chances:

  • Drunk applies a 20% penalty.
  • Wounded applies a 50% penalty (the wound has to be on the eye (needs confirmation), check the wounded page for more info).
  • Learned Camper applies a 20% buff.


Certain locations will allow a second free action aside from searching the area; each citizen will be allowed to explore a special structure or building, once per day. You cannot auto-search the structure. Exploring Ruins will not interrupt your timer if you are auto-searching the zone in which it is located. Buildings also get depleted but yield nothing after becoming depleted.

Ruins can be undepleted by storms (seen by the Searchtower) in the same way as zones, and the structure is checked independently of the zone it is in—either the structure or the zone can become undepleted, or both, or neither.

Buried Buildings[edit]

Some Ruins are buried and require a certain number of AP or Ness-Quick Weedkiller to uncover them.

Explorable Ruins[edit]

There are also large ruins that are so large you must spend 1 to enter, and then take the risk of encountering zombies or getting lost within the structure in the mini-game with a limited time. If you do not exit by the time you run out of oxygen, you will scamper out of the ruins with an Injury. The bad air in these ruins makes you only able to explore the ruin once per day.


Blueprints are found by camping in buildings. There are four types of blueprints: Construction Blueprint (common), Construction Blueprint (uncommon), Construction Blueprint (rare), Construction Blueprint (very rare!). Each unlocks a building out of a set of buildings, the rarer ones unlocking better buildings and common ones unlocking typical ones. They are also found in Worn Leather Bag, Architect's Chest, Sealed Architect's Chest, and several are found on the ground without need for searching.

Outside buildings[edit]

When travelling through the World Beyond, you will discover buried buildings. These must be excavated before they can be explored. These ruins are overflowing with special, rare and sometimes dangerous objects. Perhaps they could save the citizens from certain death ?

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