Season 16

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Season 16: Resurgence started on November 17, 2023. The following new content and balance changes were announced:

  • Complete reorganization of construction sites - All construction sites have been modified in their cost of materials. The rarity of some of them has also changed. Some would say it’s to save money...
  • A new Wonder on the horizon - the Blue Gold Thermal baths join the very useful projects to be built! Don't forget your soap!
  • Ruined plans: The construction plans found in the explorable ruins have been modified. Can you find them all?
  • Heroes will no longer be enough: Prepare yourself properly because the horde's attacks will now be more violent in all towns.
  • Jobs in the spotlight... but not only! - Each job is now represented with its own construction site, usable to a certain extent by all citizens. The freedom to choose the right job is yours!
  • Nothing bodes well on the ramparts - The watch has been greatly reworked. All weapons as well as statuses have been subject to changes. In addition, it is no longer possible for you to know precisely whether you will survive or not, as well as the space available on the ramparts being reduced... When we say it's risky!
  • Voting right is preparing right - New projects have been added to the daily project upgrades in order to allow you to better prepare yourself against the hordes. Who said to vote for that?
  • Renovation of the Dump - The Dump is entitled to some improvements: you can now recover objects thrown into the landfill for a certain cost, but each action is limited in number of objects. Remember to sort carefully!
  • No room for everyone - When camping it is difficult to find a good hideout, now it will be even harder if the ruin no longer has any available hiding places!
  • It’s cozy at your place! - Personal defenses have been revised: they provide a little more defense overall and their cost has been adjusted.
  • Wait, were there stairs here?! - From now on, the explorable ruins will have a fully explorable second floor. You should have trained in free diving...
  • Observe the desert carefully - The World Beyond is constantly changing: locating souls with precision will become increasingly more complex for Shamans. When they tell you he’s a charlatan!
  • Not so preventive after all... - The Preventative Medicine heroic power now no longer gives a 7g Paracetoid, but a First Aid Kit. Would you trust these pills?
  • A way to honor the dead - A new option allowing you to burn the corpses of your fellow citizens is now available. It's up to you to see if this will be beneficial to the town...
  • Prepare for the elections - The roles of Shaman and Guide of the World Beyond can no longer be assigned as soon as the town is full: the corresponding construction sites will have to be built in order to elect them.
  • Less water available - Some constructions sites giving water once they are built will now give less.
  • Watch your jugular - Aerogenous ghouls are enabled by default in Hardcore towns.
  • A frozen surprise - Be ready for the new frosty Christmas!
  • A little style: Now enjoy banners that aqdapt to the state of your town.
  • Feminism? Now in your soul's settings you have the possibility of displaying your title in the feminine version. Note: Some titles may not yet be translated.
  • Artists band together - Enjoy the new multilingual World Forum "The Artistic Workshop". Don't forget your brushes!
  • What is eternal? - You now have the option to delete your MyHordes account even if you are using an Eternaltwin account in your soul settings.

Data Changes[edit]

Along with the balance changes and the new content, there have also been the following data changes:

  • Infected and ghouls no longer count in the calculation of citizens infected by the Fireworks' explosion.
  • Fireworks now provide temporary defense after their explosion.
  • Contrary to popular belief, objects 'preventing' the search's night penalty greatly reduce it, but do not completely cancel it.
  • The last zombie that kills a watchman now passes over their dead body and attacks the town.
  • The number of areas regenerated by the winds of the Beyond have been adjusted.
  • The maximum distance for souls to appear in the Beyond now changes depending on the game mode (Small town/Distant Town/Hardcore).
  • Poisoned items are now truly randomly placed in the inventory.
  • The Book of Survivalists now has a greater chance of success.
  • Scouts zombie radar has been adjusted based on Hordes data.
  • The generation of Tamer dog names now takes into account a suffix and a prefix
  • You can no longer have an escort drop the following 4 items: Mystical Potion, Stake Launcher, Assault Rifle (unloaded) and Claymore Mine
  • Goulification: The chance of becoming a Ghoul by consuming goulifying food is slightly increased in Hardcore towns.
  • The shunned insurrection formula has been improved.
  • The range for the number of sand piles that are found on buried ruins has been revised to match Hordes.
  • The number of sand piles removed by Ness-Quick Weedkiller has been revised.