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[v·e] Ghoul
Now you can finally kiss your mother-in-law goodbye!.
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Through the course of time, people change. In an apocalypse, over time, some people rise up to with incredible powers and protect others, while some become sick of the routine hide and seek with zombies and become antisocial. Some, however, have become monstrous...literally. Rumor has it that some citizens, by accident or on purpose, become partially infected; they have managed to survive, but with a new goal in life...devouring other humans.



  • Ghouls have the choice to enter and leave the Town Gates without being recorded on The Great Register.
    • Inside Leave discretely (sic) appears.
    • Outside Sneak into the town appears.
  • No risk of death from Dehydration or Infection.
  • Cannot become Thirsty, Dehydrated! or Infected.
  • Brings +5% survival chance, when a Ghoul signs up for Watchmen.
    • This means at 95% base chance of survival for Watchmen, the Ghoul will have a 100% chance of survival, so they'll be guaranteed to make it through the first night(this is the only way to get 100% survival without being Drunk).
  • Extremely antisocial behavior (killing of citizens) will usually result in detest and violence, and possibly death if caught.
  • Drinking a Water Ration (or any form of water) will Wound the Ghoul and will not give any .
  • Drinking Mystic Potion will Wound the Ghoul, they will not gain any but will be able to safely pick up Tortured Souls.
  • If the Ghoul drunk Mystic Potion whilst still human, they will retain the ability to safely pick up Tortured Souls.
  • An attack from any Citizen is guaranteed to kill a Ghoul.
  • Citizens generate Control Points in the World Beyond. When a Ghoul eats a citizen, the control points from that citizen is lost. If this leads to the zombies controlling the zone, then all present citizens are Trapped.
  • Consuming a Paracetoid 7g as a Ghoul has no effects.
  • More than one Ghoul can exist in a town at the same time. The existence of one does not stop another one appearing.
  • It is still possible to become a ghoul on small maps!

Ghoul hunger[edit]

All Ghouls experience 'hunger' that must be satisfied periodically.

  • Every Ghoul has a voracity meter informing them of the approximate amount of time they have left before they die of hunger.
    • The hunger meter fills up from left to right as a blue shading.
    • At the 40% mark is a red line. When the hunger crosses this red line, the Ghoul dies of hunger after The Attack. At the 40% mark, the ghoul will not die of hunger.
    • Every day after The Attack, the Ghoul's voracity will increase by 25% of the entire meter. This gives 2 days before the ghoul dies of famish.
    • A Hero Ghoul can use the Cheat death hero ability to survive an extra day at over 40% hunger.

Food table for ghouls, stated are for a healthy person, doesen't matter if eaten in/outside of town.:

Food type Hunger decrease grants Fed grants Notes
Citizen 100% NO 7 see below.
Human Flesh 15% YES 6
Meaty Bone 15% YES 6 remains of a Citizen that failed Camping
Traveller's Corpse 30% YES 6 rare
Corpse (at Homes before bodies are disposed) 10% NO 0 Cremato-Cue is more effective in long-term view.
other Food 0 YES x As you gain Fed, but no voracity reduced, beware!


Upon becoming a Ghoul

You have been transformed into a Ghoul!

The appearance of small brownish marks on your body should have given you cause for concern, but you naively supposed you had some kind of benign infection from being out in the sun all the time. Any remaining doubt has been erased by the uncontrollable hunger for human flesh which now grips you... A terrifying need which you must satisfy QUICKLY. Or die.

You are now a ghoul. A new horizon is open to you : your neighbours and former allies have become your prey.

Some survival tips :

don't tell anyone about it! You will be killed,

keep an eye on your Hunger gauge, which can be seen alongside your health status,

devour a fellow citizen (preferably outside the town) to decrease your Hunger,

eat human flesh to reduce your Hunger slightly.

The Ghoul game guide is now available for consultation!

It contains all the essential information for your survival, and yeah, why not, your victory over humanity...

Upon eating a corpse

It's not as appetising as a nice, fresh, wriggling human, but it does the job and makes your voracity subside... a little. Fortunately, the meat way quite gamey, this meal would have been dreadful otherwise.

Upon eating a citizen secretly

Without a moment's hesitation you throw yourself at [citizen], teeth bared! Leaving them no time to react, your barrage of blows quickly cause them to lose consciousness.

When you are finally sure that your victim isn't getting up, you finish the job by eating them.

There you have it, it's done.

Upon eating a citizen but being caught

An abominable crime has been committed: [Ghoul] was seen devouring [Citizen] in their house!

You were spotted! The citizens have been warned!

If any Status was transferred over upon eating a citizen:

You have inherited certain health traits from your victim!

Upon killing a Ghoul

You violently attacked [citizen]! The fight degenerated rapidly and resulted in you seriously wounding the other citizen!

Unexpectedly, [citizen] collapsed with a ungodly gurgle, their eyes rolling back in their head... Their body is literally decomposing in places and the smell of death fills the air! The horrible truth slaps you in the face: [citizen] was a ghoul! !

The citizens have all been told...

Upon attempting to eat another Ghoul as a Ghoul

You cannot attack this citizen... They seem to smell different like others. Just a minute... They're a Ghoul, just like you!

Texts in your town's death page

  • Famished ghoul (If you are a ghoul and die of hunger)
  • Fight (Ghoul) (If you are a ghoul and get killed by another citizen attacking you)
  • Murder (Ghoul) (If you are eaten by a ghoul)

Flavor text in a dead Ghoul's house

"More obvious clues could not be left. [username] had definitely crossed the boundaries of crazy: gnawed bones, shredded human entrails, half-eaten animal remains... Their old house is a rancid mass grave that leaves us in no doubt: [username] was a ghoul! "

Text in the house of someone whose corpse was eaten by a Ghoul

No idea! The body has disappeared without trace...They must be rotting somewhere outside... Perhaps they'll get back up and visit you during the night.

Attacking someone in small town when there's no Ghoul

Steady on there, by all accounts there are no ghouls in town, so there's no need to go smacking people. Mmkay pumpkin?


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