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Walking through the town, you peek into your neighbor's house. He/she is outside in the World Beyond, and you notice there are some objects hidden in there. The door unlocked. They probably won't miss the item... Will you let this opportunity pass?

Once per day, every Citizen can break into his/her neighbor's house, as long as the neighbor is not at home and hasn't Locked the door, and steal one of their "friend's" possessions for their own. Citizens who have already pillaged a dead person's house that day can't break and enter for the rest of the day. This limit is lifted during Chaos.

Benefits for Stealing[edit]

Factors for Success[edit]

  • Only one item can be stolen per day. Theft can't be made if the citizen doesn't have space in his/her inventory.
  • Only a citizen who is out of town or outside the gates can be stolen from.
  • Each attempt has about a 50% chance of being detected, with a entry appearing in the town log whenever a thief is detected.
  • The Hero upgrade Rudimentary Alarm will always alert the town to thefts against that player, as well as giving the thief the Terrorised status.
  • A Padlock and Chain or the Hero upgrade Lock will prevent theft.

Common Reasons for Theft[edit]

  • To gain the Thefts or The leprechaun got you good distinctions.
  • To get back items that another citizen might be hoarding for various reasons.
  • Given permission by the house owner, usually because they ran out of while scavenging, and the house owner has a Water Ration or food item in their house
  • To get decorations or other items that the thief desires.


  • "You cannot rob a citizen if you have sent them an object today (anti-abuse message)."
  • "You cannot rob anyone else because you have sent enough objects for one day."

To avoid being shunned[edit]

  • If a citizen is stealing for the sole purpose of gaining the distinction, it is common courtesy to give it back, either by placing it in the bank, or by sending to the original owner via message. Not returning objects, especially when caught in the act, may result in shunning.
  • When taking items from a hoarder is a good idea to post the idea on the forums first, then take the item.

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