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A Citizen means any player of MyHordes currently alive in a Town. Each Town starts off with 40 citizens and ends when every single citizen is Dead. Citizens are free to choose between working together in order to fend themselves and their little community from the The Attack, or just watch their own backs without caring for others. In other words, every citizen is equally in charge of everything in their town, from organizing the town, setting expeditions, constructing defenses, delivering justice, all the way down to their own survival.

A citizen can be a Resident with no special skills, or a Hero with a great variety of special perks and bonuses along with a specific jobs. No matter what job, everyone is still a citizen.

All citizens start with a Professional tools that identifies their profession, like a Camouflage Vest for the Scout and Small Spade for the Scavenger. Residents have only their Town Uniform.

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