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Most Furniture items provide decoration for your home. This has no positive effect for you or the town and serves only to increase your decorator distinction. Some items of furniture have other uses making them slightly more useful.

Decoration only[edit]

These items serve no purpose except adorning your house. Some even consume valuable resources. An item will provide Home Decoration points when placed in your Chest, and removing the item will likewise remove its effect.


These items can be used as construction materials

Home Improvement[edit]

These items can be used to improve your house. Most require Hero status. The item will be consumed by the upgrade.

Home Storage[edit]

These items don't add to your decoration but improve your home's storage instead.

  • Boxes: +0
    • When used, permanently adds 1 storage slot to your Chest, and the boxes are lost
  • Iron Chest: +0
    • When used, permanently adds 2 storage slots to your Chest, and the chest is lost
  • Padlock and Chain: +0
    • Locks your house, protecting it from thieves, for as long as it is in your Chest


These items provide food in some way.


These pieces of furniture items can be picked up and wielded as a weapon. See the armoury for effectiveness.

Note: Handful of Bullets has not been implemented in the game as of Season 5. Because most guns need bullets to work, the Machine Gun and Revolver are only decoration items. For now...


These furniture items can be used for aid.


Guard Weapons[edit]