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The Attack of the Hordes takes place every night at midnight (00:00 server time), the zombies attack the town and attempt to kill citizens. The citizens in town must use various measures to safeguard their towns, e.g. build various defences at Construction Sites and/or assign some citizens to be Watchmen.

The Hordes[edit]

See also Zombies#Midnight Zombies

The size of the Hordes has a relatively predictable pattern. It will steadily increase for two to three days, then suddenly "spike" approximately every four days to hope-crushing heights. On this spike, the size of the attacking horde will be larger than average, and it may be difficult to gather the needed defense. The day after the spike, however, the attack will return to average or below average for a day, possibly even decreasing in number temporarily.

Former citizens who die outside yesterday will come back to life as zombies during the midnight attack, but weird to say, they do NOT actually increase the size of the hordes. For example if the size of the hordes is 200, former dead citizens is 10. The size remained 200, not 210.

Attack Mechanism[edit]

How many zombies get in is simple. If the town's defense is more than the amount of zombies attacking, then you will be safe and the citizens inside town will suffer no damage. If the town's defense is lower than the amount of zombies attacking, then some zombies will be able to enter town and kill or terrorise the citizens. Note that if the gates are left open, then the town defense will be ignored and all zombies will make it in.

Any zombies who make it into the town will face the Watchmen first, the town's last line of defence, who will destroy a number of zombies depending on their equipped weapons and abilities. Watchmen risk getting killed, Wounded or Terrorised. The chance of death will greatly increase if zombies who make it into the town outsize the total defence of all watchmen. The more the worse it is.

If there are too many zombies even for the Watchmen to handle, some of them will strike the town, and each of them picks a random citizen to attempt to eat. Resisting these zombies is the duty of the defense rating of your house; 1 point of home defense = 1 zombie turned away. If you are assaulted in the night, but survive, you will usually start the next day Terrorised.

Lazy Zombies[edit]

It is an advanced concept that not all zombies make it into the gate will attack citizens all the time. They can sometimes become lazy. See Zombies#Midnight Zombies for details.


During the attack[edit]

During the attack, the game is inaccessible for exactly 20 minutes (until 00:20), during which a video will display instead, together with a description of the following:

Hordes of zombies are attacking your town! They are everywhere, you hear citizens screaming in the night, the attackers clashing noisily against sheet metal... Hungry groaning from the starving masses... What's going to become of it?!
Are you going to die2nite?!

Below the text, it offers you two randomly chosen actions. Clicking either action refreshes the page and brings up other actions. There's no real value to this; just something to amuse yourself while waiting to see how your town fared.

List of actions:

  • Hug your rucksack
  • Scream
  • Wail like a banshee
  • Grind your teeth
  • Hug a broken guitar
  • Cry nervously
  • Scream and panic
  • Hide behind the wreckage
  • Hold the door
  • Wait under the sheets
  • Call for help
  • Yell “help”
  • Hide in a box
  • Hide under the bed
  • Wait calmly...
  • Curl up in the fetal position
  • Sing at the top of your voice, alone
  • Pray for your life
  • Clench your cheeks

When the attack is over, the server becomes accessible again. The page will refresh automatically and display another video with the following description:

Last night, Hordes of starving zombies descended on your town!
The "good news" is that you appear to still be alive... For the time being at least.

And there is a button below the text which says "Back into the fray...".

Funny enough, even if you actually die on that night, the page will still refresh and says you are alive if you keep the page open during the attack. Then when you click the button to continue, it says "Congratulations, you are DEAD!". But if you access the main page after the attack is over, it will display correctly and says "Congratulations, you are DEAD!".

Special messages[edit]

If, during an attack, zombies get in (it doesn't matter how many) and no one dies, it will be called "a miracle". If, during an attack, zombies get in and only one citizen die, it will be called "a stroke of luck"

No deaths due to lazy zombies, a miracle happens
One death, some citizens call it a stroke of luck

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