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During The Attack, if the Town is deserted (i.e. all surviving citizens are camping outside the walls OR have been killed in town), it will be considered Devastated by the zombies.


This causes the following effects:

  • The Town Gates are irreparably damaged: the town will no longer be able to serve as a refuge for the survivors.
    • This means the town's defence is effectively zero (0) even though all defense buildings still stand.
  • The water reserves in The Well will be affected:
    • They will be reduced to almost nothing.
    • However during the days after devastation, there will be no effect on the water in The Well. (Confirm this, as the well lost water even after our town was devastated once. Joe121)
  • It is no longer possible to carry out Building upgrades
    • However, as a building is upgraded before the attack, the upgrade for the day the town is devastated is carried out.
  • Citizens' Homes are destroyed (interior improvements and upgrades are unaffected).
    • You are unable to build or upgrade any home improvements.
  • Chaos mode is immediately in effect (even if the usual conditions are not satisfied).

As the zombies still pay the Town a visit every night, any attempts to sleep within a devastated town is nothing more than a suicidal attempt.

Soul Points[edit]

After the town is Devastated, you will still gain the full day even if you die camping outside that night (before that, your day won't be counted as complete and you will lose that day).

  • Just like how it works before town devastation, if you are killed in town by zombie assault during The Attack, your day will still be counted as complete.
  • Note you have to hit the button to camp. If you forget to camp or die from any other means like Dehydration or Infection, your day won't be counted as complete and you will lose that day.


The News Corpse of a devastated town will say "This town is dead... Flee you poor fools!"

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