Town Gates

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The site where the Town Gates are is very important for the town. Aside from being the only entrance to town, as well as the only exit, it houses the Map which can track citizens out in the World Beyond as long as the city hasn't lost its stability. You can also plan the day's expeditions on the map.

Although the hordes gather in front of the gates before The Attack, they are sturdy enough to block their pass as long as a good, helpful citizen takes care of closing them. Make sure at least one reliable citizen volunteers to close them every night, or the hordes will bypass any Defences built and go straight into feasting on the helpless citizens.


  • The gate costs 1 to open and close, whilst closed no one may enter or exit the town. Gates remain closed after the attack, so someone must open them before people can go outside again.
  • Ventilation System and Heroic Return allow heroes to bypass a closed gate.
  • The teleport function of the Watchtower does not allow you to bypass the closed gates and enter the town.
  • The Labyrinth adds a 1 cost to return to the town (there is NO cost to leave), although this may be bypassed with a watchtower teleport.
  • The Portal Lock prevents the gate from being reopened in the final 20 minutes before The Attack.
  • The Automatic Piston Lock closes the gate automatically 30 minutes before The Attack, while its upgrade the Last-minute Lock closes the gate in the final minute.
  • All the daily comings and goings through the gate are logged in the gate Register.
  • It is possible for the gates to be destroyed if the town is Devastated:
During a particularly terrifying assault, the town gates were smashed then carried off into the World beyond. You would be well advised not to hang around here tonight or your town will be your tomb.
That's what happens when you leave a town without anyone to defend it.