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The "Defences" page refers to "defence objects" (DO). This page talks about town and home defence.

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Defence. It's what keeps us alive. It's what keeps those horrible flesh-eating zombies out of our town. You can never have too much defence.

Town defence[edit]

WARNING: The following information has not yet been updated for Season 8!

Defence is needed to keep the town protected from the masses of zombies from wiping out your town. Defence is calculated very basically. 1 defence prevents 1 zombie from entering the town (so if the town has 140 defence and 150 zombies attack that night, then 10 zombies will make it into town). Note: If the town gates are left open during the attack the towns defence means nothing, and all of the zombies will descend upon the town!

Defensive buildings[edit]

There are lots of things to build in your desolate town, each with its own perks and problems. Most of these include providing the town with defence every night. There are two kinds of defence: permanent and temporary.


Permanent defence provides the town with defence throughout every attack without being destroyed. Buildings that provide permanent defence include:

Not Updated To Season 3

Some defensive objects provide permanent defence for the town, as long as they are in the bank. Their defence value is from 1-2, depending on whether the Defensive Focus was built or upgraded. These include:

Having a Guardian alive and in town also boosts your town's defence by 5.


Temporary defence only lasts for one night, and is destroyed during the nights attack. You can build it again the next night if you want, but it's extremely inefficient. Buildings that provide Temporary Defence include:

Not Updated To Season 3

Some defensive objects provide temporary defence for the town. These include:

Home defence[edit]

  • When Zombies break through the Town Gates during The Attack because the Defence is not high enough, they split up and attack the Homes of the Citizens.
  • Individual citizen's homes have their own defence rating, 40 % of which is added to the towns (80 % with Community Involvement).
  • This Home defence can be increased by doing several things:
    • Upgrading the house (Refer to Home for the exact amount)
    • Installing a Makeshift Barricade (+1)
    • Being a Hero (+2)
    • Being a Guardian (+1) (Note: On top of the regular Hero bonus)
    • Installing the hero upgrade Fence (+3)
    • Keeping a Defence Item in the chest (+1 for each item**) (Note: Will not be enhanced by Defensive Focus)
    • Installing and upgrading Reinforcements (+1 each level up to 5, +2 each level from 6 to 10)
    • Fortifications construction being built in the town (+4)