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[v·e] 1050 Watchtower
This tower, placed near the entrance, offers a perfect view of the surroundings and makes it possible to estimate the evening attack, and therefore to better prepare for it.
Category Buildings
Sub Category Watchtower buildings
Unlocked by Town
Defence 10
Effect Estimate
Action Points cost 15
Resource cost ×3 ×1 ×1
Unlocks See list
Tour de guet

Woah! You can see everything from up here! Too bad there's nothing to see but the empty, sand-filled desert. If you squint, though, you can count the zombies dragging themselves towards the town.


  • Visit the Watchtower in town to contribute towards an estimation of tonight's attack. 24 citizens are required to produce a complete estimation.
    • The Scanner reduces the requirement from 24 to 12.
    • The Predictor allows an estimation of tomorrow's attack to be made after today's is at maximum estimation.