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In order to survive, you must explore the World Beyond. It allows you to gather what you need to keep the zombies at bay. Exploring in itself is very basic.

The World Beyond is split into zones. Moving from one zone to another costs 1 . You can only move one zone at a time, up, down, left, or right.

Some zones contain Ruins. These are special zones which are crucial to the town's survival. Because they are so important, zombies often congregate around these areas at the start of each town. Be careful when looking for these, as it is easy to become trapped.

As you move, you will encounter zombies. These zombies will not attack you, at least not until The Attack at 23:00 game time. When humans control the zone, you can search the area and move as you wish. However, if you cannot control the zone, you will be trapped. When trapped, your options are limited.

  • You cannot search the zone or move safely.
  • You can attempt to fight the zombies, either with weapons or with your fists. Be careful, some methods of Fighting are better than others.
  • You can flee the zone, which will allow you to leave, but will cause you to become Wounded.
  • Another person can join you in the zone to help you control it.

Note: If you lose control of a zone, you have a period of 30 minutes in which you can leave the zone safely. If you don't leave the zone, you will become trapped again.

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