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[v·e] Scavenger
The Scavenger is able to find many more objects when searching in the desert.
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Sub Category Hero
Example scavenger map. Area to the south is depleted (arrow is red, and the depletion marker has been set). Area to the north is not depleted. Areas to the west and east have not yet been visited (therefore no scavenging symbol there), but it also means those areas are not depleted.

The Scavenger is a job role available only to Heroes. It's a great all-around job and is useful in towns.

In recent Seasons, the addition of the Watchman means that most organized towns prefer Guardians.


  • Scavengers have a better chance of finding an item while searching in the World Beyond.
    • The chance is multiplied by a factor of 1.2, meaning that for undepleted zones where other professions have a 60% chance of finding an item, the scavenger has a 72% chance. This factor applies after other changes, such as night time penalties and depletion.
  • Autosearches take place every one and a half hours instead of every two.
  • When travelling in the World Beyond, Scavengers can see the depletion status of any adjacent zone which has been previously explored. This makes it much easier to find undepleted zones.
  • When inside Explorable Ruins scavengers have 50% more oxygen (starting at 100%). Thus, Scavengers can explore for 7 minutes and 30 seconds inside the ruins, compared to 5 minutes for other classes.


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