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[v·e] Scout
The Scout can sneak past groups of zombies undetected, allowing them to explore the farthest reaches of the desert, in almost total safety. Warning : carrying out any actions when hiding causes you to break cover and reveal yourself! unknown blurb
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Example scout map. There are 1-3 zombies North of town (there would be no number if the zone had no zombies), 3-7 zombies to the West, 6-10 zombies in the East, and a horde of 13-17 zombies to the South.

The Scout is a job role available only to Heroes.

The Scout is a master of reconnaissance. As such, their scouting abilities can be very valuable during the first days of the town. The scout's detection abilities are less valuable with a Watchtower with upgrades and an Upgraded Map, because the map and zombie count will then be revealed by these constructions. Their ability to join an expedition in progress or deliver items "behind enemy lines" can still save many a life, however. Main duty is now to detect Ruins -ideally Explorable Ruins.


Scout Sense[edit]

When travelling in the World Beyond, Scouts can see the zombie count of adjacent zones from the arrows.

  • The count is usually inaccurate - the actual zombie numbers can either be [-2, -1, 0, +1, +2] from the number displayed.
    • The exceptions are 0 zombies, or 1 zombie. At zero zombies the zone can have between 0 and 2 zombies. At 1 zombie, the zone can have between 1 and 3 zombies (never zero).
    • Example: The Scout sense showing 3 zombies means there are 1 to 5 zombies in that zone.
    • Prior to Season 5, zones with no zombies will always show up clear, and zones with zombies will never show up as clear. As of Season 5, now clear appearing zones can have up to 2 zombies in them. Zones appearing to have one zombie will still have at least one zombie.
  • You will NOT be able to see Scout senses if you are Exhausted because the arrows of movement will disappear, so do the Scout senses marked on the arrows.

Camouflage Vest[edit]

Scouts are not affected by zombie control points as long as they are camouflaged. This allows them to move even in zones with high zombie counts.

The Scout can perform those actions while remaining undetected by the zombies:

  • Drink water & booze, eat, take drugs. These actions will have a check mark:
    • But do NOT open a Doggy Bag (a bag which contains food). It counts as other actions (not eating). You will lose camouflage.
  • Use Radius Radar Beacon and Radius Mark II
  • Use Flash Grenade (although it defeats the purpose of using it when you have camouflage on)
  • Use the heroic action Second lease of life.
    • Other heroic actions should be fine too?? (please confirm)
  • Use Break Through to kill 1 zombie and gain control.
  • Eat a citizen while being a Ghoul.
  • Peek at a buried ruin.
  • Upgrade campsites, hiding or tombing (although no check mark).
    • But do NOT install any defence object. You will be detected by zombies?? (please confirm)
  • Use Shaman's Make it Rain ability.

The Scout will lose camouflage (i.e. being detected by zombies) if they perform those actions:

  • Drop or Collect items from the ground.
  • Attack zombies.
  • Search a ruin (you may still search a ruin even without taking control of the zone)
  • Use/Build an object (except a few mentioned in the above paragraph).

However you may do any of the above without losing camouflage if you have taken control of the zone.

Chance of Breaking Camouflage[edit]

There is a chance of being detected as the Scout enters a zone; this risk increases as the numbers of zombies increase, and decreases as the zone is visited by more Scouts (and they find safe paths with which to move through the zone).

  • Unknown sector
  • Partially explored sector
  • Sector regularly visited
  • Sector thoroughly explored

Note: Only visible when playing in Expert Interface.

Regaining Camouflage[edit]

If the camouflage breaks, the Scout will be just like a normal Citizen. You will get trapped if your Control Points are lower than the number of zombies.

To regain camouflage, the Scout can either:

  1. Kill zombies down to a number so your Control Points are equal or higher than the zombie count.
  2. Use items which can blind/distract the zombies and gain temporary control for a limited number of time, e.g. Flash Grenade, Grisly Bomb, Pre-war Camera or Break Through.

However, it is very important to put the camouflage vest on again by clicking on it in the inventory, or else the Scout will still enter the next zone as a normal Citizen.

If you choose to flee at the consequence of being Wounded, this will regain Scout Sense but not the ability to put the camouflage vest back on.


Scouts can peek at what a buried ruin is. It is useful because you don't waste tons of APs uncovering the building if the building does not have good sources of resources. This action does not make you lose camouflage.


Camping in a zone with zombie(s) present places a penalty on the chances of survival. For Scouts, this penalty is reduced.


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