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You've been dragging your feet across the desert sands for god-knows how long. Exhaustion, paranoia, and thirst are starting to set in. It's getting late, and the freezing cold of the barren landscape is slowly setting in. You're just about ready to succumb to the sand when... something... catches your eye. You push on, and without even realizing it you find yourself staring in the face of a giant town. It's completely surrounded by a makeshift wall, but its gate stands wide open. You pass through, and you find there are others there. It appears that they've just gotten there as well, and the whole town seems largely empty. Nobody greets you, they simply glance at you in passing, before continuing on with what they're doing. As you walk further into town, you come across a small book. You glance around, then gingerly pick it up. Scrawled in large letters across the front are the words "Survival Guide." Handwritten notes are scrawled across all of its pages, as well as a few taped in pictures and diagrams. You pocket it, thinking nobody will notice its absence. Someone barks at you, "hey, you, go set up camp over there." He points to a pitiful camp bed off near the western wall of the town. You walk over, and you find a small chest and an even smaller doggy bag lying in wait for you. Uninterested, you sit down and pry open the dusty pages of the book. As you start poring over the notes, the information inside intrigues you...


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Beginner's Guides:

Around the Die2Nite:

  • The Bank - The introduction of Bank and resources you can gather
  • Zombie - introduces different type of zombies, and ways to deal with them
    • Trapped - teaches you what to do when you get trapped in the World Beyond
    • Armoury - introduces different types of weapons you can equip with to kill zombies in the World Beyond, and as guard objects for watchmen to kill midnight zombies
  • Hero
  • Time - explain about the time concept in Die2Nite
  • Communication - introduces different types of communication existing around the Die2Nite community
  • Dictionary - list of words and abbreviations used by players in the game.


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