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[v·e] Survivalist
Having chosen to live in the most extreme solitude, the Survivalist is the guy nobody has talked to in years. The good thing is, that they have learned how to always get by on their own when it comes down to it. A Survivalist will always find something edible (food or water), regardless of where they are in the desert and when they want to find it.
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The Survivalist is a job role available only to Heroes. They were introduced in Season 4.

The Survivalist is a class which specialises in personal survival, as one may expect. However, this does not mean they are selfish players, and in fact, they are one of the most useful classes, due to the need for Blueprints.


  • Survivalists have no limit on the chances of survival while Camping: their chances of surviving can go above 90%, which is the limit of other classes.
    • At 90-99% camping survival chances, the camping description is:
      You reckon your chances of surviving here are good, you should be able to spend the night here.
    • At 100% camping survival chances (yes, 100%), the camping description is:
      You reckon your chances of surviving here are optimal. Nobody would see you, even if they were looking straight at you.
  • Survivalists are also able to instantly become Refreshed or Fed daily, regaining full . This ability can only be used when at least 3 km from town (see below).
    • Note that no item is generated in the Survivalist's rucksack, so whatever the Survivalist just ate, it cannot be shared.
    • Starting in season 6
      • There is around 17% chance that it will fail, using up the book and producing no .
        • There are unconfirmed rumors that being Wounded, the town being in Devastation, or other factors increase the chances of failure.
      • What the game calls 3 km on the bottom of the in game map and for distinctions such as extreme explorer is not what is being used to work out the distance away from town for the book:
      • I.e. if you're at 2/2, then according to the in game map, that's 3 km, but if you work it out by Pythagoras a^2 + b^2 = c^2 which translates into x^2 + y^2 = (km from town)^2 in game terms, it would work out at 2.86 km from town, where the game would normally round it up to 3 km, it appears to either not be rounding it, or rounding it down to 2 km from town, making the game think player isn't 3 km from town when it appears to be according to the game, so won't let you use the book.
      • In layman's terms, to use the book, if you're at co-ordinates (x,y), either x or y must be 3 or more.
    • Starting in season 12 The chance for book failure increases everyday after Day 4.



  • Survivalists usually volunteer to camp at Ruins for Blueprints in the early days of the town after the zombies are killed, since they can reach up to a 0% chance of dying, while others will always have a chance of dying and thus hurt the town if they die (loss of and another person has to go and camp the next day, delaying the obtaining of the blueprint).
  • Survivalists do not have an innate camping bonus compared to other classes.
  • As the regeneration of is instant, Survivalists do not have to carry a Water Ration or Food around, depending on their expedition route. This saves one space in the rucksack.
    • The ability for daily regeneration and 100% chances of survival also means Survivalists can plan a flawless 2-day expedition.
  • Survivalists can use the Survival Guide to become Refreshed in the later days of the town, when water becomes a scarce resource.
  • Using the book for a water ration can remove the thirsty status even when the user has already drunk that day.
  • If there is little food left and all nearby zones within 6 are depleted, Survivalists can also become Fed instead to scavenge in replenished zones further out.

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