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Jobs, formerly known as Professions, are what dictates which abilities a person possesses for the duration of his life in a town. They are chosen when joining a new town.

As of Season 7, there are seven jobs available to players, six of which are only available to Heroes.


The Resident is basically a normal citizen, with no remarkable abilities to speak of...

  • Residents have no special abilities at all.
  • They are equipped with the Town Uniform.
  • Note that a hero cannot become a resident. They must chose a Hero job.


The Scavenger is able to find many more objects when searching in the desert.

  • Scavengers are specialised in finding objects in the World Beyond. They have a higher chance of finding an object during a search, and autosearch faster (once per 1.5 hours instead of 2).
  • Scavengers can see the depletion status of any previously explored adjacent zones, and explore Explorable Ruins starting with 150% oxygen instead of 100%.
  • They are equipped with the Small Spade.
  • If they are Shunned or the town is in Chaos, they can search the refuse 4 times instead of 3.
  • As of season 7, they are considered underpowered; organised towns have little use for this class.


The Scout can sneak past groups of zombies undetected, allowing them to explore the farthest reaches of the desert, in almost total safety. Warning : carrying out any actions when hiding causes you to break cover and reveal yourself ! .

  • Scouts are not affected by zombie control points as long as they are camouflaged, although the camouflage may randomly break and certain actions are limited while camouflaged. This allows them to move even in zones with high zombie counts.
  • In the World Beyond they can see the zombie count of adjacent zones, although the actual zombie amount can vary by +/-2. The only exception is zones with no zombies will always show up clear and zones with zombies will never show up clear.
  • They are equipped with the Camouflage Vest.
  • Organised Towns have some of this class, for map exploring and late game Lost Soul collecting.


In the World Beyond, the Guardian can keep more zombies at bay than an average citizen. The guardian retains this advantage even when travelling as part of a group !


Having chosen to live in the most extreme solitude, the Survivalist is the guy nobody has talked to in years. The good thing is, that they have learned how to always get by on their own when it comes down to it. A Survivalist will always find something edible (food or water), regardless of where they are in the desert and when they want to find it.

  • Survivalists can camp with up to a 100% chance of survival, compared to other citizens who have at most survival chances of 90%.
  • They can instantly become Refreshed or Fed daily, regaining full .
  • Organised towns have some of this class, for Blueprintscamping and late game Camping.


The Tamer is able to send some of the contents of their rucksack back to the town from anywhere in the World Beyond.

This includes items that expand your Inventory.


Always ready to get involved with any construction project, the technician, abandoned alone on a desert island with nothing but a toothpick, could construct an enormous entirely autonomous wheel. So just imagine what technical marvels they could construct with a shiny new DIY kit!

Job Specific Advantages[edit]

  • Technicians have 6 (construction points) in addition to their . These can only be used for construction. Whenever a technician wishes to spend in the Construction Sites, will be used first if possible. are only restored at 24:00 or 00:00.
  • If they meet a locked door in the Explorable Ruins, they can make a blank of the key required, for example, a Magnetic Key Blank. These blanks can be converted in the workshop to get the key, and in this example, the Magnetic Key from the above blank.
  • Organised towns have some of this class, for Explorable Ruins mainly.

Town Role[edit]

Each citizens starts as a lowly resident in the Die2nite universe. However sometimes fate intervenes and drags you from your little life into grand adventures and bold actions.


  • The Shamans main abilities are to see souls in the world beyond, and his ability to carry several of them instead of one.
  • His ability of converting souls for construction is only worthwhile in towns that live very long.
  • His healing capacities are of debatable use.
  • He can use souls to 'make it rain'( killing zombies or add rations to the well).
  • Organised towns have nearly always at least one of this class (collecting Lost Soul is much easier if you know where they are), and maybe a backup. Shamans are often the ones who get to build home defence up first and to the max, to ensure their survival for soul collecting.

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