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[v·e] Tamer
The Tamer is able to send some of the contents of their rucksack back to the town from anywhere in the World Beyond.
Category Jobs
Sub Category Hero

The Tamer is a job role available only to Heroes.

The Tamer is a class which focuses on bringing as many items back to Town as possible. Each Tamer has a Three-legged Labradoodle whose name is randomly generated.


  • Tamers can send all the items in their rucksack back into town once per day, from anywhere on the map. The one condition is that the Town Gates must be opened.



  • Tamers should always drop their source of ( Food, Water Ration, Drugs, Alcohol) that is needed to return to town before sending their Labradoodle back, otherwise the Labradoodle will take them to town as well, leaving the Tamer stuck in the World Beyond.
  • If the Tamer is carrying a Manbag, Shopping Trolley or other Containers, the Labradoodle will also take it back to town if possible.

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