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There are several types of registers around the Town and the World Beyond.

Each zone outside has a register of actions that occur. Departures, arrivals, picking up an item, dropping an item, and fighting zombies are all recorded. Although the register has tabs for each day, a zone will only retain information for the current day.

Within town, there are registers at the bank, construction sites, the well, the player's house, the town gates, the workshop, the catapult?, and the dump?. These registers record player activity. They retain information from previous days. When many actions take place, a register will not show the complete list. All actions within the town are recorded in the Great Register. This register lists all actions recorded in every register and always displays the full log, as well as complete records from every day.

The Great Register[edit]

The Great Register is the chronological list of every action taken inside the town. It is found below The News Corpse, and is updated in real time to keep citizens informed on events as they happen. The records for each day are kept under a separate tab.

Different types of entries have different background colours. The entries may be transparent, brown, dark red, light red, or green.

Transparent entries[edit]

These are the seemingly mundane acts of the town, with no real consequence or importance, and are the most common. These entries generally concern:

  • Deposits to The Bank
  • Upgrades done to a House
  • Taking a ration of water from The Well
  • Opening/shutting the Town Gates
  • Leaving/returning to the town
  • The disposal of bodies
  • Heroic acts

Brown entries[edit]

These entries concern the activities in the Workshop and construction areas. These include:

  • The conversion of one material to another (workshop activity),
  • The completion of a building.

Dark red entries[edit]

These entries concern the removal or usage of objects. These include:

  • The materials used by a building when its completed (Immediately follow the completed entry),
  • Removing an object from the bank.
  • Taking an additional ration of water.

Light red entries[edit]

These entries are of a sinister nature, detailing misfortune and depravity within the community. These include:

  • Pillaging the house of a dead man,
  • Breaking and entering,
  • The Shunning of a citizen,
  • The attack of the living dead from the night before.
  • The assault of a Town Member by another Town Member
  • A Ghoul devouring a citizen, being identified, or neutralized.

The Horde's attack[edit]

These entries give a more detailed overview of the nightly attack from the zombie horde than the one provided by the Gazette. Although such detail is pointless after the fact, it is still recorded within the Register. These entries include:

  • How many zombies attacked the town,
  • How many of these zombies were former residents who had died and been disposed of/died in the World Beyond,
  • If the Town Gates were left open/deliberately open, (bright yellow)
  • How many Watchmen sprang up to defend the city, and how many zombies they defeated (if any)
  • How many zombies got into Town (if any),
  • How many zombies attacked a Citizen (and who),
  • How many zombies did not attack anyone,
  • How many citizens were killed and eaten,
  • If no zombies managed to breach your Defences,
  • If none of your ex-citizens manage to get back into their old town.

Green entries[edit]

The Great Register is almost a holy relic, and as such is never edited or misused by a member of the community.

Well, almost never.

A hero can gain access to the Great Register (presumably with a bottle of tippex) and render a number of entries illegible. This is generally used to hide a depraved deed, or, just perhaps, to stop a fellow citizen from getting in trouble.