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[v·e] 106 Cyanide
When everything has gone to hell, take a small cyanide capsule, a large glass of water, and just wait for all to go away with a peaceful smile.
Category Items
Sub Category Pharmacy
When used
gives status

Sick and tired of hearing the wails of your neighbors as they are eaten alive, living in constant fear of the inevitable zombie attack, and pervasive sand finding its way into every nook and cranny of your life? No? Oh, you just want different neighbors when you Reincarnate? Well... the grass is always greener on the other side.



  • Ingesting it will cause instant Death.
  • Not usable on day 1
  • For Combining:


  • Using Cyanide will kill the Citizen immediately, there is NO confirmation button.
  • It cannot be ingested until day 2.
    • This is very likely to prevent a common type of griefing, where a player takes all important items (such as Hacksaw) from the bank along with restoring items and a cyanide, rushes out far away into the desert, then uses the cyanide so he or she is dead, cannot be punished by the town and his or her location is no longer shown on the map, making these items extremely hard to reclaim from the world beyond.
  • Cyanide is referenced as the preferred method of suicide in the roleplay text, Suicide Note.
  • In Season 16:
    • No changes