Incomplete Deck of Cards

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[v·e] 151 Incomplete Deck of Cards
What should be a 54 card deck is, well, not. The missing cards don't stop you playing with them though, because every moment of enjoyment is to be treasured in this hellhole...
Category Items
Sub Category Miscellaneous items
Guard Weapon-10
leaves behind
Jeu de cartes incomplet
Unvollständiges Kartenspiel
Juego de cartas incompleto

There are people who don't know any card games at all. That doesn't matter here, just draw a card and get scared surprised.




  • This card deck has 54 cards in total, including the standard 52 cards as well as the game rule card and the blood card (joker?).
    • So it is not really incomplete, or maybe the incomplete card refers to the joker.
  • Playing give a bonus when drawing any of the 4 aces, the queen of hearts, or the card listing the game rules.
    • Citizens are Terrorised when drawing draw the card which has their names on it written in blood.
  • Every town should have one of this item- it grants free with small risk. It is recommended to post the finding in towns forum, to avoid more Cards been taken to town.
  • In Season 16:
    • No changes