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Due to the downfall of civilization, Blueprints must be (re)discovered to construct many buildings at the Construction Sites. There are over 100 construction projects to recover!

Blueprint Types[edit]

There are 4 types of normal Blueprints and 9 types of Explorable Ruins Blueprints:


  • Blueprints can only be read at Home in the Town.
  • When reading a normal Blueprint, one random building from the whole pool of its kind will be unlocked at the Construction Sites.
  • When reading an Explorable Ruins Blueprint, one random building from a small preset part of the whole pool of its kind will be unlocked.
  • In 2 cases reading a blueprint will have no effect and it will disappear:
    • All buildings of that kind are already unlocked.
      • Since the set of Explorable Ruins Blueprints is a small part of the whole pool, they should be read first to avoid that buildings of this set are already unlocked by normal blueprints.
    • There are still unlockable buildings of that kind, but parent buildings on the Building Tree has to be unlocked first. In that case, this kind of blueprint should not be read until the parent buildings are unlocked to avoid wasting blueprints.

How to obtain Normal Blueprints[edit]

Normal Blueprints can be obtained in various ways:

Finding lost plans[edit]

Each Town starts with several "free" plans scattered in the World Beyond.
All that is required is to find the Architect's Chests (contain a Construction Blueprint (rare)) and the Sealed Architect's Chests (contain a Construction Blueprint (very rare!)) located on random zones, pick them up and bring them back to the Town!

Scavenging in the World Beyond[edit]

It is possible to find Worn Leather Bags (contain a random normal Blueprint) while Scavenging in the World Beyond .

Camping in the Ruins[edit]

You can also get Blueprints by Camping in Ruins. The quality of the blueprint depends on how far that building actually is from the Town. Those close to town (9 km or less) drop a Construction Blueprint (uncommon), while those faraway from town (10 km or more) drop a Construction Blueprint (rare) after The Attack if the camper survived.

Note that only one blueprint can be found per Ruin camped.

Special Buildings[edit]

Architect Skill[edit]

Heroes with the Architect Skill will start each town with a Construction Blueprint (common) in their Personal Chest.

How to obtain Explorable Ruins Blueprints[edit]

Explorable Ruins Blueprints can be found by entering one of the three Explorable Ruins and searching in open rooms.

Buildings unlocked by Blueprints[edit]

Construction Blueprint (common) Construction Blueprint (uncommon) Construction Blueprint (rare) Construction Blueprint (very rare!)

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