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[v·e] 1015 Catapult
The catapult is a special machine which allows you fire all kinds of things into the World Beyond: very useful for preparing the ground for faraway expeditions!
Category Buildings
Sub Category Watchtower buildings
Unlocked by Watchtower
Blueprint common
Effect Shoot into
Action Points cost 40
Resource cost ×2 ×1 ×1 ×1
Unlocks See list
Catapulte primitive

Once upon a time, some tinkerers decided to make a weapon to rain mass destruction on the incoming hordes. This resulted in a towering structure with a long stretchy handle and a cup at the end. Unfortunately, it took forever to crank up and tended to misfire, explode, break, or otherwise completely and utterly malfunction. And it wasn't a very good weapon either.


  • Once the Catapult is built, a new icon called "Catap" appears next to the area where you can find links for projects and the watchtower, workshop, etc.
  • A operator will be assigned immediately once built. The assignment is permanent and there is no way to re-assign another unless the chosen operator dies. When they die, you can go to "Catap" page and press the button "Randomly select a citizen for the job" for the system to re-assign another as the catapult operator.
    • The assignment is somehow based on activity rating. The system will pick any citizen with 5 stars first. The best way to determine a catapult operator is only one person logs in right after attack. They do activities to gain a five star rating before anyone else logs in. Otherwise the operator assignment goes to someone completely random.The system may pick anyone from 4 stars to 0 star without any particular preference.
    • If there is only one five star citizen in the town but other citizens are active, the selection will be random.(needs confirmation)
    • The selected Citizen will get a message from The Crow that they have been selected as the catapult operator, and that they should go to the catapult area.
  • When you get to the Catapult area you will be given an option to enter (X,Y) coordinates to launch one item in your inventory.
    • You can catapult anywhere in the map. There is no limit.
    • You can only catapult one item per shot. This action requires 4 , or 2 if Upgraded Catapult is built.
  • Most items are safe to catapult and have zero chance of breakage or destruction.
  • Containers like Manbag, Shopping Trolley, Ultra-Rucksack and Utility belt can not be fired with the catapult.
  • The items below are considered fragile and will break on the zone they hit when catapulted:
  • The Catapult has 10% chance to shoot imprecisely.
    • An imprecise projection causes the object to land 1 away from the targeted zone.
    • The log will not indicates the shot is imprecise but state where the item is catapulted into. You will know it is imprecise if the location it lands does not match what you input.


  • In a Meta town, they will manipulate the selection by asking only 1 to log in after The Attack and perform all sorts of activities to get 5 stars before triggering the selection progress. This ensures only the one they want becomes the catapult operator.
  • In Season 3:
    • Primitive Catapult was renamed to Catapult.