Technicians Workbench

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[v·e] Technicians Workbench
When given a dedicated workstation, Technicians are truly able to play McGyver and make the most of whatever's lying around.
Category Buildings
Sub Category Workshop buildings
Unlocked by Building Registry
Blueprint rare
Effect Make a wish in
Action Points cost 60
Resource cost ×5 ×10 ×1 ×2 ×1 ×1 ×1 ×1
Etabli des Techniciens
Mesa de Trabajo de Técnicos

If you need a specific item desperately, build the Workbench!


  • This construction allows you to select the yield of dismantleable Resources and openable Containers in the Workshop.
  • After constructing the Workbench there will be a new tab for it in the Workshop.
  • Using the Workbench is only possible once a day for each citizen.
  • Base costs for using the Workbench are 7 for a Technician and 9 for all others. Both Factory and Hacksaw reduce the cost by 1 , so the lowest possible costs are 5 for a Technician and 7 for all others.

Obtainable Items[edit]

Example: If you need a Järpen Table, put a Flatpacked Furniture in the bank, go to the Workshop, then to the Workbench and select the Table.

Use Selectable Objects
Mechanism Scrap Metal, Wrought Iron, Handful of nuts and bolts, Copper Pipe
Flatpacked Furniture Old Door, Trestle, Ektorp-Gluten Chair, Rocking Chair, Järpen Table
Broken Electronic Device Compact Detonator, Battery, Electronic component, Handful of nuts and bolts, Radius Radar Beacon, Battery Launcher 1-ITF (empty)
Toolbox Handful of nuts and bolts, Pharmaceutical Products, Box of Matches, Semtex, Copper Pipe, Battery, Duct Tape, Ness-Quick Weedkiller, Anabolic Steroids
Food Parcel Can, Doggy Bag, Human Flesh, Suspicious-looking Vegetable, Tasty-looking Steak
Schrödinger's Box Corrosive Liquid, Fat Cat, Furious Kitten (partially digested)
Metal Chest "Wake The Dead", Vodka Marinostov, Anabolic Steroids, Box of Matches, Semtex, Bandage, Twinoid 500mg
Large Metal Chest Aqua-Splash (incomplete), Devastator (incomplete), Dismantled Mower, Incomplete Chainsaw, Electric Whisk (incomplete), Machete, PUTA Mark II Calibrator, Kwik-Fix, Utility belt